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Caught in the Storm: The Impact of Natural Disasters on Women

The Global Fund for Women has provided grants and worked in partnership with women struggling to rebuild their lives and communities after a number of natural disasters, including the 2004 tsunamis, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and Hurricanes Stan and Mitch (which struck Central America in 1998). Because we are painfully aware that humanity will continue to face natural disasters—and politically motivated humanitarian crises as well—we are compelled to share what we have learned from direct grantmaking to women's rights groups during and after emergency situations in a special report.

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Disaster Report Cover

Women and Natural Disasters
The Global Fund's Response

The Global Fund for Women aims to provide longterm support to local groups in regions affected by natural disasters with grants that help communities rebuild, prevent sexual violence, and ensure that women and children are accorded their full human rights in all stages of development. While the Global Fund does not conduct direct relief efforts, we inform grantees in disaster regions that they may use any moneys from open grants to address such crises.

The Global Fund's recent work in disaster regions has been made possible by the generous support of numerous individuals, foundations and organizations including: The San Francisco Foundation, Working Assets, the Flora Family Foundation, the Channel Foundation, the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the S.H. Cowell Foundation, and the Levi Strauss Foundation.

Response to the Kashmir Earthquake

As winter approaches, more than three million people remain homeless in the mountains of Pakistan and India. The Global Fund has awarded a $30,350 emergency grant to the Rural Women Welfare Organization (RWWO), a women's group organizing to end violence against women in Pakistan. RWWO is rebuilding women's health clinics and girls' schools in the towns razed by the earthquake.

Response to Hurricane Stan in Central America

Groups throughout Central America are mobilizing to provide support to low-income and indigenous communities, which have lost their homes and livelihoods to Hurricane Stan. The Global Fund has awarded $15,000 to the New Horizons Home Association in Guatemala to provide food, shelter and health services to over 125 families. The Association is also working with local women to seed economic empowerment projects to provide for communities over the long term.

Response to Hurricane Katrina

While the Global Fund normally does not fund in the United States, we could not ignore the destruction and subsequent human rights abuses wrought by Hurricane Katrina in the American South. Following the hurricane, the Global Fund awarded $10,000 to the Katrina Women's Response Fund of the Ms. Foundation for Women. This fund is providing immediate support to women of color and low-income women in the Gulf Coast region, and ensuring that their leadership and priorities are central in both short and long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Solidarity Statement: Hurricane Katrina

Response to the Tsunami

tsunami survivorsImmediately after the earthquake and tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean in December 2004, the Global Fund for Women reached out to all of our grantees in the affected regions from Asia to Africa. Since January 2005, the Global Fund has awarded $104,000 in tsunami relief to 15 women's organizations in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


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