Welcome to NYRA
Network of Young Researchers Working in Africa!

The Network of Young Researchers working in Africa (NYRA) was created to provide a forum for PhD students and young researchers in the social sciences working in Africa, to facilitate academic exchanges across national and institutional borders. It is the initiative of a group of PhD students, based in different countries and institutions and it is not affiliated to any particular university or research institute.

The website contains continuously updated information on upcoming events, recent publications and job, internship and scholarship opportunities as well as a discussion forum, a membership register and a collection of links to university departments, research centers and internet sources on Africa.

The vitality of the site is dependent on the participation of each and everyone. For information on how to participate go to 'Get involved'.



> the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) - Uppsala, Sweden
> African Studies Centre (ASC) - Leiden, the Netherlands
> the Research Institute of the Royal Museum for Central Africa - Tervuren, Belgium
> Centre d'Etude d'Afrique Noire (CEAN)- Bordeaux, France
> Centres d’Etudes Africaines (Ceaf) -Paris, France
> Mutations Africaines dans la Longue Durée (MALD), CNRS-Université de Paris I - Paris, France
> Centre d’Etudes des Mondes Africains (CEMAf-Aix), MMSH, Université de Provence - Aix-en-Provence, France
> Acteurs et Systèmes de Santé en Afrique (ASSA UR002) - Marseille, France
> Centre for African Studies Basel (CASB) - Basel, Switzerland
> the Institute of African Studies (IAS), University of Bayreuth -Bayreuth, Germany
> Centre of African Studies, University of London, SOAS - London, UK
> African Studies Centre, University of Oxford - Oxford, UK
> Centre of African Studies, University of Cambridge - Cambridge, UK
> Centre of West African Studies (CWAS), University of Birmingham - Birmingham, UK
> Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh, UK
> Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark
> Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) - Dakar, Senegal
> Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherches sur les Dynamiques Sociales et le Développement Local (LASDEL) - Niamey, Niger
> ACE -RECIT - Laboratoires Citoyennetés - Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
> Point Sud - Muscler le savoir locale -Bamako, Mali
> French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) - South Africa
> Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) - South Africa
> Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
> the British Institute in East Africa - Nairobi, Kenya


> Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) - Copenhagen, Denmark
> Graduate school of International Development Studies, Roskilde University -Roskilde, Denmark
> Institute of Development Studies (IDS) - Brighton, UK
> STEPS Centre - Brighton, UK
> International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
> Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) - France
> Agence Inter-Etablissements de Recherche pour le Développement (AIRD) - France
> Institut Universitaire d’Etudes du Développement (IUED) - Geneva, Switzerland


> Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies (AEGIS)
> Association Euro-Africaine pour l’Anthropologie du Changement Sociale et du Développement (APAD)
> Réseau des Etudes Africaines en France
> African Studies Association (ASA)
> African Studies Association of the UK (ASAUK)
> Belgian Association of Africanists
> African Studies Association in Germany (VAD)
> Assises de l’ethnologie et de l’anthropologie en France
> l’Association Françaises des Anthropologues (AFA)
> Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth (ASA)
European Association of Development Research and Training (EADI)

> Anthropology Matters- the post-graduate network of the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth (ASA)
> The European Association of Social Anthropologists EASA)
> Danish Development Research Network
> Moving Anthropology Student Network
> Réseau des doctorants santé et société
> Doceaf - le site des doctorants du Centre d’Etudes Africaines EHESS
> Network of Students and Young researchers in Development (NetSYD)


Journals and other publications, on line
> Revues.org- the web portal for more than 80 on line human and social science journals, partly or totally available in open acces
> African Journal of Reproductive Health - multidisciplinary and international journal on reproductive health in Africa available on-line
> African Population Studies- bilingual journal published by the Union for African Population Studies
> Africa Development- bilingual journal published by CODESRIA, issues from 2000 to 2005 available on line
> Feminist Africa - on-line journal published by the African Gender Institute (AGI), issues published since 2002 available online
> Politique africaine - issues from 1981 to 2001 available on line
> IIED publications - many publications available on line.

General resources
> Horizon/IRD's documentary catalogue- search IRD's documentary centres around the world, some publications are available on line
> Connecting Africa - web portal for African studies (the Netherlands)
> the on-line catalogue of the Royal Museum of Central Africa - extensive bibliographic collection concerning Africa, especially Congo and Rwanda
> Habari - web portal for African studies (France)
> Liens-socio.org - actuality of French Sociology : events, publications… each week you can find new resumes
> Africa Research - clearinghouse of African primary resources
> Africulture's website
> Histoire de l'Afrique de l'Ouest - Ressources for researchers in history and social sciences
> H -Africa- humanities and social sciences online
> Docpostdoc - e-mail diffusion list on yahoo groups
> Kofo - bloc on africanist's research
>Foncier et développement French tool about land and development (analyses, databases, publications)

To leave the list, send your request by email to: wunrn_listserve-request@lists.wunrn.com. Thank you.