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femLINKpacific - Media Initiatives for Women in Asia Pacific.


The overarching focus of femLINKpacific's range of community media initiatives is "women speaking to women for peace",





Poverty is not just about the lack of access to resources but also limited access to information and communication.


As the operators of Fiji and the Pacific's only mobile women's community radio initiative femTALK89.2FM we look forward to continue to use "the suitcase radio" as a critical bridge between urban and rural communities, giving voice to the voiceless by serving as a channel of information and communication for the marginalized.


Because we have the ability to take the suitcase radio to women in their communities, we are able to assist in not only increasing awareness of the feminization of poverty but also offering communities an information and communication channel of their own to reach policy makers and offer their solutions to poverty eradication.


We look forward to strengthening partnerships to increase recognition of the role of community radio as a recognized component for inclusive communication and strengthening democratic processes in society and peacebuilding.


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Monday 14 January 2008

Suva, Fiji Islands


Young women in Fiji continue have an opportunity to define and produce community radio programmes, that reflect their issues, and the issues of their communities through a young women's project that is creating a cadre of community radio broadcasters in Fiji.


Called "Generation Next - A New Vision for a Peaceful Tomorrow", this project builds on femLINKPACIFIC's ongoing commitment to the development of young women as producers of their own media content. 


And according to femLINKPACIFIC Coordinator, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, this is also about investing in the next generation of women and peace advocates:


"In May 2004 when femLINKPACIFIC first launched its suitcase radio, femTALK 89.2FM, a group of St Joseph's Secondary School students were the first hosts of the monthly radio broadcasts in Suva. One of those students, Narisha Karan continues to serve as a community radio broadcast volunteer with the Generation Next project. Several of our trainees since the introduction of femTALK 89.2FM continue to lead and direct this project as well use the radio station as a platform for their own advocacy.  Veena Singh who has been a long time child rights advocate is our link with Save the Children Fiji; Ana Rakacikaci who joined us through the Catholic Women's League is stepping up to take on the role of a rural correspondent for the Central and Eastern Division; the representatives of the women's committee of the Fiji Disabled People's Association are developing and producing programmes about their issues, and our team leader for the past year, Eta Rabuatoka will be working closely to understudy the national operations of our community radio project here in Fiji in 2008, as well as help with any regional expansion plans, so this is definitely about investing in the next generation."


Commencing tomorrow, the Generation Next Team will meet at femLINKPACIFIC's community media centre in Suva to review and plan the next six months of weekend community radio broadcasts as well as identify issues that they feel are important given Fiji's current political situation:


"We really want young women to be heard because we are the next generation here in Fiji and we would like to claim our space in decision making for a peaceful Fiji," says Eta Rabuatoka.


Three new volunteers are joining the community radio team, one of whom is Sulueti Waqa, a 2nd year university student, who was introduced to the project when femLINKPACIFIC visited her community in Ba: "This is a chance for me to talk about our rural issues, here in Suva, especially the high cost of living and education costs, that people like my family living at the Ba HART settlement are facing," she said.


"Vinaka-Shukriya, Peace"
Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
Coordinator: femLINKPACIFIC-Media Initiatives for Women

"We exist to empower women and communities to fully participate in decision making for equality, development and peace"
Direct # 679 3310303, Mobile # 679 9244871
Community Media Centre contact details:
Postal Address: P O Box 2439, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji Islands
CMC # 679 3318160, Ph/Fax # 679 3307207








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