Photography Competition: The Political Life of Women in Maghreb




16 October 2008

UN-INSTRAW and the Centre for Arab Women Training and Research (CAWTAR) are announcing the launch of a photography competition on the theme: ‘’Reinforcement of female leadership and the participation of women in political life and decision-making in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.’’

This competition is for photo journalists working for newspapers, magazines, periodicals and press agencies in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, and whose work represents photos of women that fight in favor of women's political rights in the region.

The photo for the competition must be sent on a CD-ROM under a JPG format (image: maximum quality, resolution 300PPP), specifying of the name of the persons on the photo, the place where the photo was taken, the event and date during which the photo was taken, a curriculum vitae and a recent photo identification of the participant.

The first and second place winners will receive prizes of 600 USD and 400 USD respectively.

The deadline for sending the photo is on 30 November 2008, and the results will be announced in December 2008.

UN-INSTRAW and CAWTAR own the property rights of the photos in the competition and have the right to use them while quoting the name of the photographer.

To participate in the competition, please send the documents to this e-mail:

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