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Right to Food & Nutrition Watch - Zero Issue


There is currently no international publication that monitors the concept of food as a human right and keeps track of patterns of right to food violations while also monitoring their impact. The Right to Food and Nutrition Watch is therefore the first publication of its kind as it provides a systematic compilation of best practices for the realization of the right to food and also documents where violations have been committed.

The Zero Issue of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch deals with the topic “The World Food Crisis and the Human Right to Food” and gathers articles and country monitoring reports from different experts and regions (the Americas, Asia, Africa and India). The publication also discusses the most recent global trends affecting the right to food, such as the increased expansion of agrofuels, and sheds new light on practices that continue to impede the realization of the right to food, such as mining and the mismanagement of social cash transfers. UN experts on human rights and the right to food also give their input on recent UN documents and sessions. The hard copy of the Right to Food and Nutrition Watch is accompanied by a CD-ROM that includes supporting documents and full reports of all content.


Published in October 2008 by the publishing alliance composed of Bread for the World, ICCO and FIAN.

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