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ABSTRACT - Excerpts


This research report investigates the negative effect of the headscarf ban on the development of women's rights and aims to draw a map of general problems of women in Turkey according to statistical data. Thus, the problems of women in the fields of education, employment, political presentation, violence, rural areas, health, social security, and social life are stated expressly dependingt on statistical data. Following this, a research about the effect of the headscarf ban which is applied to headscarved women who constitue some 65% of the women population in Turkey, is conducted. The difficulty of collecting statistical data about the discriminative treatment to headscarved women in public and the ratio of women who are affected by this ban, is discussed. The juridical character of the headscarf ban is evaluated in accordance with international law norms and especially United Nations documents, the differences of the European Human Rights Convention (EHRC) from UN agreements, different protecting areas of EHRC from the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and the effects of the Leyla Sahin decision........




........International indexes of gender equality place Turkey at low levels and show that women in Turkey have to face great difficulties in all areas of life (education, work, family life, health, etc.). Research on related areas show that Turkey provides equality of women and men on paper, in legislation; but laws are not reflected in practice. Turkey's low placement in the World Gender rank reveals that prejudices and discriminatory treatment based on gender perpetuate violence against women. This affects women negatively in many areas of life including education, employment, and health. Discrimination against women wearing the headscarf makes this situation worse in Turkey. Placing obstacles in front of women based on their clothing prevents them from becoming financially stronger and from potentially solving their other problems.


As many as 62-65% of women wear the headscarf in Turkey; and therefore, exclusion from social life and discrimination against these women would inevitably lower Turkey's rank in gender equality indexes..........


Discrimination against women wearing the headscarf decreases their ability to become part of society, hinders their personal development, prevents them from advancing their cultural knowledge, restricts them from obtaining financial independence, and puts major obstacles in front of their empowerment and advancement........



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