Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women




Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women - Mandate




Excerpts - Kyrgyzstan Concluding Observations by CEDAW Committee 2008


*Violence Against Women - The Committee is concerned about that fact that, despite existing legislation (law on social and legal protection against violence in the family) and other efforts, domestic violence remains widespread......The Committee also expresses concern about the lack of detailed information on sexual violence against women, including sexual harassment in the workplace, in the report of the State party.


*Stereotypes and Cultural Practices - The Committee notes with concern the persistence of stereotypes, including in the media, on women's roles in the family and in society.


*Trafficking - The Committee is concerned about the absence in the State party's report and oral replies of sufficient information and statistical data on the phenomenon of trafficking in persons in Kyrgyzstan.


*Political Participation and Participation in Public Life - While noting the progress made in relation to the representation of women in the Parliament, as well as the requirement that the maximum limit for same-sex auditors in the Auditing Chamber cannot exceed 70%, the Committee is concerned about the continuing general underrepresentation of women in public and political life, in particular women in decision making positions, including at the highest level in political parties, local representative bodies, the executive bodies of the Government and local government, as well as in diplomacy.


*Employment - The Committee is concerned at the situation of women in the labour market, including the persistent concentration of women in traditional spheres of employment, in low-paid positions, in particular in the informal sector; the wage differentials between women and men; and the high rate of unemployment among women.


*Health - The Committee is concerned, in general, about the health situation of women and in particular at the inequalities in access between urban and rural areas.....The Committee is concerned about the increase in the rates of maternal and infant mortality, women's anaemia during pregnancy, the persistent high number of abortions, including among those under the age of 18, underweight girls, the large incidence of tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases among women. It is also concerned about the problem of alcoholism among women and the lack of sex-disaggregated statistical data about the health situation of rural women.


*Economic Consequences of Divorce - The committee expresses concern at the economic situation of women as a result of divorce. It is concerned about the situation of women in rural and remote areas, and about the lack of specific regulations safeguarding the practice, the property rights of women in de facto marriages.



Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women

42nd session ( 20 October - 7 November 2008)



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CEDAW/C/SR.856 & 857

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