Adaptation for Pakistan of Poem

“I Got Flowers Today”

By Paulette Kelly


Read at WUNRN-SHADO Conference

Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan 




Poem on Domestic Violence & Femicide

Pakistan Adaptation


I got flowers today.

It wasn’t my birthday. And he said a lot of

    cruel things that really hurt.

I know he must be sorry

Because he gave me flowers today.


I got flowers today.

My mother-in-law tried to take them.

She says I am useless and deserve to be hurt.

But, he did give me flowers today.


I got flowers today.

The food I cooked did not please him.

He threw me against the wall and tried to choke me.

It seemed like a nightmare, but it was real.


I got flowers today.

My mother says it is my duty to serve him.

Long sleeves and a veil don’t hide the cuts

     and bruises this time.

But he gave me pretty flowers.


I got flowers today.

Last night he beat me worse than other times.

I cannot take the children and leave him.

I have no place to go, no money, just shame.

But he did give me nice flowers.


I got flowers today.

Today was a very special day.

It was the day of my funeral.

Last night he killed me – with kerosene and flames.

If only I had asked a women’s program for help.

So, I got flowers today.

For the last time!









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