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2007 Report


Sexualization of American Girls:  Report of APA Task Force


The report proposes that sexualization of girls occurs within three interrelated spheres:


*The contribution by society - the cultural norms, expectations and values that are communicated in myriad ways, including through the media. A culture can be infused with sexualized representations of girls and women, suggesting that such sexualization is good and normal.


*An interpersonal contribution - Girls can be treated as, and encouraged to be, sexual objects by family, peers, and others.


*Self-sexualization - Girls may treat and experience themselves as sexual objects. If girls learn that sexualized behavior and appearance are approved and rewarded by society and by the people whose opinions matter most to them, they are likely to internalize these standards, thus engaging in self-sexualization.


The report also reviews evidence that links sexualization to a variety of harmful consequences. These consequences include harm to the sexualized individuals themselves, to their interpersonal relationships, and to society.





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