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Samantha Rina
September 16, 2009

THE Lautoka Magistrates Court yesterday heard of how a three-year-old girl was allegedly strangled to death before being raped.

Appearing before Magistrate Nadeem Sahu Khan was 39-year-old Sairusi Nasila who spotted a bruised eye and trembled as he stood in the dock.

He is charged with a count of murder and rape.

The court also heard that the suspect tried to commit suicide whilst in police custody.

Director of Public Prosecutions lawyer, Virisila Lidise objected to bail on various grounds which included the tension at Nakorokula Village in Momi Bay, Nadi.

Ms Lidise said the allegations were serious and reflected the 'extremely aggravated form of sexual violence' inflicted on the victim.

She told the court that Nasila had allegedly killed the toddler before he raped her and went straight home and slept after disposing of her body on the morning of September 12 this year.

Ms Lidise told the court tension was high in the village and that any bail at this time or in the near future could result in Nakorokula villagers taking justice into their hands.

She said Nasila tried to hang himself while in custody at the Nadi Police Station cell.

The court also heard that Nasila has previous convictions of rape, indecent assault and breaking and entering.

Further recommendations were made for the suspect to be taken for psychiatric evaluation.

Magistrate Nadeem Sahu Khan ordered that Nasila be remanded and assessed at St Giles Hospital. He also ordered that Nasila be given time to seek legal assistance.

The case will be transferred to the Lautoka High Court and has been adjourned to September 29.


17 September 2009


Fiji Women's Crisis Centre - Press Release


The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre offers its condolences to the family of 2 year-old girl who was allegedly raped and murdered last week. “What has happened to their daughter should never have happened and we offer our condolences and support to the family”, said Shamima Ali, Coordinator of FWCC.


The FWCC says that the alleged offender should face the full brunt of the law and this is a clear warning that sex offenders should serve their full sentences with proper rehabilitation. “Sex offenders have a very high recidivism rate globally and their “good behaviour” in prison is not an indicator that they have reformed” said Ali.


The FWCC says that with the increasing rates of sexual offences, communities need to start working together for effective responses. “We need to work as communities to address these issues and there are many practical things which can be done at a local level including having a discussion about the issue as a basic starting point”. Ali also says that in some communities people are aware of sex offenders and their actions become a part of jokes and gossip. “When we hear stories in the community of someone committing such acts, we need to be on alert and look at how we can protect each other and each other’s children – not wait until after an event and say that we knew what the offender was up to”, said Ali.


The FWCC says the mobilization of communities to respond to cases of sexual offences and work towards the prevention of  such cases is a key focus of its work. “We have begun work in this area in Vanua Levu and we will be rolling out such programs throughout the rest of the country. We can only do our best to work for the prevention of such violence and the participation of the community is a core aspect of this work”, said Ali.


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